Mild Resistance to COVID-19 Vaccination at Gunduwawa Village in Kano


Healthcare officials from Muhammadu Abdullahi Wase Specialist Hospital in Kano  last  Thursday encountered mild resistance to COVID-19 vaccination in Gunduwawa village, Gezawa local government area of the state.

Nigerian Sketch witnessed the arrival of the two officials at Kwanar Viva, especially at the Amarawa rice mill and the adjacent Olam rice mill, where staff of the companies gave partial cooperation to the vaccination process.

A number of the companies’ workforce refused to take the jab, claiming that they have already taken the first dose.

Even though, there were no evidences to support their claims that they were already vaccinated, the health officials took them by their words and let them be.

One of the officials confessed that they had to go the companies because going to the main Gunduwawa village would pose more problematic since the villagers were aversive to the vaccine.

“The two rice mills give us a target at the village. We were at least hopeful that the staff there will not be too resistant to the vaccination, and yes, some of them took while others did not. They said they had the fist jab already, and of course, we are here to administer the first jab.

A staff who took the vaccine said he was experiencing a mild dizziness but he was happy to have taken his fist jab because he believes “it is good for my health. After all, what do I stand to lose if I take it. But if I did not, I will always think I am at risk. So, to calm my nerves and put my mind at rest, I took it and I an satisfied.”

He criticised the lack of ‘card’ to evidence his vaccination.

“They were supposed to give us cards that will show that we have taken our first dose, but they said the cards were not available. Also, I hink they should have been able to tell us when they will come for the second dose, but they did not. It means they will just come when they feel like coming and that is not good enough,’ he observed.



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