We have medicine to treat COVID-19 -Dr. Nakowa






President of African and Modern Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association, Dr. Ibrahim Dada Nakowa has revealed that the country has traditional medicines capable of curing the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world.


The traditional medicines practitioner made the revelation while addressing the media in Abuja.


Dr. Nakowa said “Even very many sickness that you think there is no solution for in Nigeria, we have the cure. There are medicines for cancer, sickle cell, HIV, hypertension, gonorrhea and other forms of diseases.


“There are traditional medicines for them.  There is no need going abroad and start wasting money. God has blessed this country. The medicines are here. Let us join hands with traditional medicine practitioners with  government and work together peacefully”, he stated.


He appealed to groups parading themselves as association of traditional medicines despite being unknown to law to desist and join hands with him in moving the traditional medicine practice in Nigeria forward.


Dr. Nakowa said his group remain the recognized body by the Ministry of Health and other government agencies, noting that the other bodies parading themselves outside the law are merely deceiving the people.


He maintained that the Modern Traditional Medicines Practitioners Association stands for the good of the people who are in need of help, saying, “God willing, we are prepared to continue to render assistance that will lift so many from challenges they are faced with.


“We are the only one recognized by the Ministry of Health. No other group except us. NATMP is not recognized by the Ministry. We remain the only body known and accepted by the law. We are Modern Traditional Medicine practitioners of Nigeria.


“The association was formed in 2007. But, because of so many crisis here and there, the Ministry of Health said it doesn’t want to see any other group or have anything to do with them except us because we are duly recognized by the law and court.


” We have met with the Hon. Minister of Health and Science and Technology. We have submitted necessary information. There are medicines from traditional medicine practitioners to fight covid-19.  It is simple and it is in existence by the grace of God”, he said.


Dr. Nakowa urged his people who believe in the efficacy of traditional medicine not to give up saying the MTMPA is capable of proffering solutions and that they are capable to treat different diseases ranging from cancer, hypertension, gonorrhea and other life threatening ailments.


” I want to talk to my people not to allow anybody to deceive them irrespective of whatever name they claim they are bearing. They are never in existence. So, we are the only body known and approved by the law,” he concluded.


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