Tricycle operators strike action, Kano residents fault Gov Ganduje


Tricycle operators strike action, Kano residents fault Gov Ganduje

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Kano residents reacting to  the mass strike action embarked on  by tricycle operators have faulted   Kano state government led by  governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje .

The residents, who spoke to our correspondent said the state government had failed to   overhaul the transportation system  giving room for the monopoly  that is been enjoyed by tricycle operators , who are operating within Kano metropolis.

The feeble state government policies on public transportation created font for the disjointed operation of commercial transport operators in the state.

In a vox pop conducted by our reporter , a  resident, Musa Bachirawa said “ the last strike action by the operators, which crippled commercial activities in the state,  the governor did not act rightly, he kept treating the issue of tricycle operations in the state with kid gloves.

“everyone should expect that this action will happen again, and yes they have repeated the strike, because the live in the belief that they have the capacity to ground the state.

“  they staged the first protest strike, because it was successful,  that made felt they are powerful and can cripple the state.

‘after the first strike,  the government failed to analyze situation and if the state government did so, they failed to make the right  move against a reoccurrence.”

A cross section of the residents, who even  sympathized with the plight of the tricycle operators, still  however expressed their dismay over the failure by the state government to effectively control  the activities of commercial transports operators.

Many opine that Kano state government failed to take homw the lessons from the intial strike action carried out by the tricycle operators by proceeding to sanitize the transportation, from its current messy state.

A another analyst, took to his social media handle to state thus “ these keke people think they are above everybody, it is not their fault, it is because the government gave them the chance.”

“ordinarily Kano in Nigeria  has the worst public  transports arrangement, where are the coloured buses and taxis, even the tricycle the roam about with forged numbers, the routing system is not there.

“they enjoyed so much leverage, that is why they even feel they will not comply with  the state taxation laws, who is to blame.”

A retired security operative, who spoke under the condition of anonymity said “ this is laughable, how some group of people  can think  that they can always wake up and cripple a big state like Kano, if not because the  state government allowed them.

“these guys did the last strike, they have the right to strike, with the way they took everybody unawares last time, the government should have carried out a subversive operation against them by improving on other alternative system of transportation in the state to break the monopoly enjoyed by keke operators.

“keke operators are too powerful, the government should make sure they have a centralized union that is effective, well knitted and cogent and also provide the state with a well structured template on  system of transportation.”

A top government official speaking on the situation accused the tricycle operators of becoming a willing tool in the hands of the adversaries of the state.

The official said “ presently we can no differentiate between their union, their  activities and those opposing the state government, and even the adversaries of government .

“the Ganduje administration is trying to allow forces of   democratic principle to prevail, but adaidata  sahu operators think they are above the law.

“the government is not sleeping, it is now taking the matter seriously and all that needs to be done that was not done will now be done to address this kind problem once and for all.” The impeccable source stated.

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