International Women’s Day: Kano University don advocates for public execution of rapist


Kano: Female University don advocates for public execution of rapist

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji


University don , Farida Shehu  last Saturday during  the International Women’s Day celebration held in Kano  has clamored for the public execution of rapist, stressing that the adoption of such capital punishment will bring an end to the incessant cases of rape and other forms of sexual violence  that are on the rise  across Nigeria.

Farida, who is a  lecturer at the department of Banking and Finance, Bayero University Kano, BUK,  decried  that the situation of  Nigerian  women folk  in all facets of life even  after the convergence of   the  renown  Beijing Womens Conference , which has  rarely  transformed  the lives of Nigerian women folk.

Speaking at a one day symposium   in commemoration of International Women’s day organized by  WHEEL and AIHI held at 10 to 10 restaurant in Kano,  Farida  said the narratives all over the media has continued to indicate that cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence subsists and increases  in all fronts with scarcity of justice for victims  being on the fore front of the matter..

According to her, the stories of kidnapping, raping of children, murder of innocent women and children has remained steady on the news stable, calling for urgent  measures to curb  what she described as a societal  menace

Dr  Farida then  posit that these crimes against women and children had persist  due to lack of diligent prosecution of the perpetrators of  the heinous accts.

“if those caught are prosecuted, those having similar intentions will refrain, but because they have not seen those that were  caught  been severely punished, that is why they keep doing it,  we need stiffer punishment to change the narratives

According to her, in some instances the punishment handed to perpetrators of  sexual and  gender based offences is nauseating , adding that the current pattern of punishment of the convicted perpetrators will not help resolve the worrisome  problem.

Farida then   opine that “if those convicted for these crimes are executed publicly, others will learn their lessons and  they will not harbor the thought to commit similar crimes, they will stop doing it.”

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