Senseless demolition in Kano: banks now reject certificate of occupancy -Ganduje

Senseless demolition in Kano: banks now reject certificate of occupancy -Ganduje

…says answer to Kano politics is for the return of APC


The National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress and former governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has condemned the demolition of buildings and shops in the state by the NNPP administration of Governor Abba Yusuf.

While addressing the APC Youth Market Leaders in Kano State that paid him a courtesy visit at his Buhari house National Secretariat office on Tuesday, described it as senseless and lamented that the act has scared many people who are now skeptical to go to Kano for business.

He said “It is unfortunate for the other issue that you raised. The issue of senseless demolition.  That was very unfortunate. They destroyed the economy of Kano. They destroyed the business and trading in Kano. Many people now are sceptical to go to Kano for business. Even banks don’t accept certificate of occupancy.  Because they are not sure whether the certificate will be revoked tomorrow or even when you build, it will be demolish.

“You can see the extent of demolition of businesses in Kano. It is very unfortunate. But I have to congratulate you for taking the right steps. People who lost their properties in Kano have taken the issue to court. And the court has already started giving verdict for compensation for 30 billion naira. It is just a starting point by people who took them to court. The answer to Kano politics is for the return of APC and we are pursuing that.”

Ganduje also said, “There is no doubt that Kano election was rigged. It was rigged by using ballot papers that came through the back-door. Since their ballot papers came through the back-door, they didn’t have the opportunity to have them stamped, dated and signed, in accordance with the electoral law. What they had was void votes. And it has been provened.

“So, we are so happy with the judgement.  They have gone for Appeal. We will meet there. From there they will go to the supreme Court. We will meet there. So, what we request from you is continuous prayers. And we thank you for that”.

Leader of the group, Alahji Umar Ladiyo earlier in his remarks said, “We came to congratulate you for the APC victory in Kano. We have equally come to show our concern over what happened in Kano. The outgoing government in Kano everybody knows what happens, it was a tragedy. The destruction of properties, businesses and many people that have been thrown into crises. Some even lost their lives. And the amount of money lost in Kano during the destruction was huge. The turn over that is being done is more than 2 billion naira everyday. It is sad that we have lost all that now.

“During the trial at the tribunal, the APC candidate promised that when the APC government comes, all properties destroyed will be reallocated and some people will be helped with some token to start up their businesses. So many people have been thrown into debts and some have even lost their lives.

“We came here to express our sadness on that. And we pray that when a new government comes, that promise should be fulfilled because it is going to be the first agenda of our government when the time comes,” he said.


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