Most Gorgeous Girl Nigeria, MGGN Queen Ruqayyah Adeboye says Educating the girl child my priority


Most Gorgeous Girl Nigeria, MGGN Queen Ruqayyah Adeboye says Educating the girl child my priority

BY Ben Nwachukwu, Abuja

Newly crowned Most Gorgeous Girl Nigeria, MGGN, Queen Ruqayyah  Adeboye has pledged her support to do all within her level best to help thousands of girls embrace the beauty of education during her reign.

Speaking at her installation as the new MGGN in Abuja, 23 year old Queen Ruqayyah said education is a fundamental human right that should be availed to every girl child irrespective of their age and nationality.

“As a muslim, I have a lot of job before me. I have to go all out and preach the importance of education.

Girl education means that you don’t have to offer someone your body before getting anything in return. Education will also help you to communicate better with people. So educating the girl child is the best thing to happen to you.

I am very passionate about Sustainable Development Goal project,SDG.”


“The United Nations want to achieve the goals by 2030. I believe that if any individual especially girls align with this goal, they will achieve a lot because it starts from the grassroots and that is what my project revolves around.”


According to Queen Ruqayyah, who is a graduate of Law from the University of Maiduguri “I go deep among people living in the grassroots to  sensitize, educate and empower them to enable them execute SDG project in their locality.


She praised the organizers of the MGGN for finding her worthy of the crown “the Organizers of the MGGN are  wonderful. They  do not discriminate. They give young girl the opportunity to go for what they want and to get it and that opportunity was given to me and I grabbed it.


“Before MGGN I have been executing some projects and now that MGGN has uplifted my position by giving me all the things I need in pursuing this project.


“Am going to be doing more. So you all should watch-out for amazing project ranging from SDG 4 to 8 because. Am most passionate for SDG 4 to 8. You will be seeing a lot of my project relating to education, gender based violence, gender equality,  cleanliness, decency and economic growth.”


The Kwara State born Queen called on women to be proud of themselves in any field of human endeavour. “Feminity means being strong and being able to compose yourself at the same time and also communicate the way you want to.

I will like every woman out there to know that they do not have to comply with anything they do not want to do. They need to know that they themselves are good enough and all the things they can offer is what is in their head. What they have upstairs. What their brain can offer not what their body can offer.

The body is not an option, your brain is all the option you need.”


Presenting Mazda Cx – 9 to Queen Ruqayyah Adeboye after her crowning, President Most Gorgeous Girl Nigeria, MGGN, Barrister Paul Edeh, said his organization decided  to set up the pageantry contest to freely define what it’s all about and to  showcase  the culture of Nigeria.


“We have a situation where pageantry which in the ordinary cause of things should be put together for young girls, for them to spire to be queens and use that as a platform to be able to project whatever they are doing. These girls always look out for this kind of opportunity to showcase their God given potential.


“We have successfully organized a pageantry where we have individuals competing and being their real self without necessary exposing their bodies to mankind. That for us was the motivation to do this.”


Barrister Edeh said this year’s edition stood out following the quality of the  participants. “We  have raised young girls who would be mentored and thoroughly equipped to face life in Nigeria as a whole and of course the world at large. Pageantry is different to the extent that when you see the caliber of young girls that won the first, second, third, fourth and fifth position you will marvel. They are people that can be projected anywhere in the world to represent Nigeria as a nation.”


Barrister Edeh who is also the president of Ratels Sports Development Foundation, described Queen Ruqayyah as a  phenomenon “The queen we have just crown today is a Lawyer to be. Just waiting for her law school.That tells you we didn’t just select them but they work the part into the crown and that’s what made this year’s edition unique. None of them have to pay bribe to anybody, none of them have to defile her body to win this. They won because they deserve to win.


He said his organization would raise the standard of the competition from the next edition. “In the next contest anybody that wins will tell you that they won because they have not cut corners. We are trying to preach a gospel that is such that every Nigeria should be able to merit what they get in our society at large. I can assure you that no one will tell you that we cut corners to be able to install any queen”


He announced the first assignment for the Queen “the urgent project of how to interface  with the FCT Education Board to be able to organize the FCT Inter School Festival in September, 2022. That is the most urgent and pressing project she will be part of”


The ceremony was attended by the  managing director MGGN  and  Queen’s mother Anteyi Grace Ene, past winners, family members and philanthropists.


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