Lamentation: “I  have been abandoned” says Kano veteran  footballer – Sagir Agi

Lamentation: “I  have been abandoned” says Kano veteran  footballer – Sagir Agi

Kano  state born soccer veteran,  Sagir Labaran Gabari has alleged  that following his been struck by severe ailment,  Kano  sports fraternity has abandoned him.

Agi as he is been fondly called by soccer fans,  in his hey days was among the frontline  footballers that brought pride to the ancient city, in his day, invoking smiles on the faces of followers of the round leather game.

Agi  in the 70’ and 80’s was a  renown football star  with Darma football club of Kano ,  where he reigned supreme.

Speaking with sports writers in Kano Agi said “ I thank God, I am recuperating, I want to thank sports journalists, who always  and kept reviving  my memories on the  minds of Kano people.

“I have been sick, no doubt, I am in dire need of various kind of support at this time, in all I give thanks to Allah, who has sustained me.

“I spent all the better part of my life serving sports, particularly football, even when I retired from active football, I was involved in the management of the game, before now,  I was always drown in sea of sports people in the industry, since I fell sick the story has changed.

“I know and I am sure I lived with everybody in peace, why suddenly did they all ran away from me, I am not happy with this, I want to always see sports people around me, this gives me joy, this gives me strength.

“I want to appeal to people in the football sector, if I have wronged them they should forgive me, but I Agi know for sure that I lived in peace with all, they should not avoid me, I want to see them always, it feeds my heart with joy, when I see people from the sports family milling around me, the way it used to be before, I fell sick, it gladdens my heart.





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