Kano: Court sets free two robbery suspects. As  they tell story of the   alleged inhuman treatment  suffered in  Police detention



By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

A Kano High court has  discharged and acquitted  two  persons docked for armed robbery,   Haruna Yusuf and Hassan Sherif  have   regained their freedom courtesy of the court judgement.

In a case I of the  State  versus Haruna Yusuf and Hassan Sheriff as the matter is now refereed to,  the duo  were arrested in a raid by the   defunct SARS.

They were  taken into custody on the trumped up allegation that they belonged to a gang of armed robbers that  specializes in habitually robbing and had Conspired  to rob a shop in Kano. The court heard.

At  trial,  the prosecution presented two  police witnesses who claimed  that they took the statements made by the defendants’ . Though  were unable to convincingly inform the court where and when  the defendants were arrested or  committed the offence  upon arrest.

State chief counsel, Tijjani Ibrahim led the  two  police witnesses to give their  testimony  on the issue,

The State piled pressure on the confessional statement purportedly obtained from  the suspects.

The  defendants deny making the statements, they told the court   that they were subjected to inhuman treatments , while in the  custody of the authorities, they painted the picture of the   gory style adopted by the operatives of   the defunct  SARS in a bid  to  break them and make them confess to offences they claimed to know nothing about.

The prosecution  was  unable to convincingly inform the court where the defendants were arrested or the offence  the committed upon their  arrest.

It will be recalled that the  defendants were arraigned  in March 2021, the defence  closed its case on  13/12/2021  .

The courts in its judgment last Tuesday discharged and acquitted the defendant. Of the offences levied against Haruna and Hassan.

The court lampooned the police over the brutalization of the duo, while in their custody.

The court also commended the defence counsels, Abdulhafees  D Khalid and Ibrahim Umar  for  rendering pro bono service to the defendants in the matter and further commended the pro bono lawyers for their  sacrificial conduct throughout  while the trial lasted.

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