Passerby scamper for safety as Police, KAROTA officials clash in Kano



 Police, KAROTA  personnel clash in Kano



Officers and men of the Nigeria police force and those of Kano Road Traffic  Agency , KAROTA last Thursday along Ibrahim Taiwo road within Kano metropolis  engaged themselves in a royal rumbo style like clash that recorded   gun shot, exchange of blows and reckless use of club and  batten to  ventilate their anger in an inter agency street fight.

Our correspondent gathered that the personnel of both agencies  threw caution to the winds to  indulge in a free for all ignominy  street fight.

An eyewitness, who spoke to Kano Reporters under the condition of anonymity said “ KAROTA officers arrested a policeman who was riding on an automobile for committing traffic violation , along Ibrahim Taiwo road.

“the KAROTA officer removed the key of the automobile belonging to the police officer, the concerned police officer out of annoyance and feeling of been disrespected fired his rifle into the air, people including the KAROTA officer  ran and scamper for their dear lives.

“minutes later, other police officers arrived in their police vehicle, they manhandle the KAROTA officers,  some miscreants joined them in manhandling the KAROTA officials, then  the police officers  hurriedly left the scene leaving behind one of their men, who was not fast enough  to climb the vehicle, when the vehicle  was been drive away on top speed.

“the angry and wounded KAROTA officials regrouped  AND  grabbed the policeman , WHO WAS LEFT BEHIND and beat the hell day light out of him, while people gathered to watch the drama.”  Our anonymous eyewitness said.

Effort s by journalists to get the spokes persons of Nigeria police Kano command and that of  KAROTA to comment on the ugly  Police versus KAROTA clash proved futile.


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