Nigeria: Poor economic  management is responsible for the  threat to national peace says CS-CRIN

Nigeria: Poor economic  management is responsible for the  threat to national peace says CS-CRIN

By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Civil Society Organization for Conflict resolution in Nigeria, CS-CRIN has decried what it described as the economic hardship yoke, that it is  responsible for the continuous threat to peace in Nigeria.


The National Coordinator, CS-CRIN, Adeniyi Aremu speaking at a one day  session  held at Quarters House hotel, Kano harped that in a circumstance where the populace are not happy with the economy  leads to large scale violence.


Aremu in his welcome remarks at the programme with the title “

Gender Business Meeting on Gender Equality and Social Inclusion for Peace Building in Nigeria SCEPAC- project” said poverty  incite the citizenry to resort  to violence.


According to him, the Nigerian economic space is not conducive leading to issues such as high cost of energy products that culminates to high prices of essential commodities.


He lamented that the harsh economic situation has led to collapse of multitude of women owned busineses, he said the women folk currently lack the financial capacity to venture into new business nor sustain old establishes  ones.


Aremu further hinted that the flabby economic situation in Nigeria has invoked the resort to felling of tress, which gave birth to deforestation, which currently is responsible for avoidable disasters been recorded in parts of the country.


He urged all stakeholders to arise to the challenge by confronting  the issues bordering on social inclusion and gender equality with the aim to prevent violence, restore  and sustainable peace  enhancement practices  across board in Nigeria.



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