Kano Gov Tussle: APC chieftain ask APC Governor’s forum to rise in support of Gawuna


Kano APC chieftain task APC Governors forum to rise in support of Gawuna


Nigeria: Governors serving under the platform of the ruling All progressive Congress, APC have been tasked to rally support for Nasiru Yuusf Gawuna their political party’s candidate at the 2023 Kano state governorship election.


Kano APC chieftain, Seyi Olorunsola in press  statement issued in Kano, Frday said   “In the wake of the legal battles surrounding the gubernatorial elections in Kano that took place on March 18, 2023, it is imperative for the APC Governors’ Forum to break its silence and rally support around its candidate, Dr. Nasiru Gawuna.

He further said “The recent victories at the election tribunal and the Appeal Court have set the stage for the final judgment at the Supreme Court, making it crucial for the APC Governors to provide moral support for the party in Kano.

“The  silence of the APC Governors’ Forum throughout these legal proceedings is concerning. Now, more than ever, the forum must unite and vocally support Dr. Nasiru Gawuna.

“The APC Governors must not only support Dr. Nasiru Gawuna but also put the President on notice not to allow some  forces to use sentimental means to unsettle the party chances in Kano,   as it is being speculated that there is a brewing “alliance” between the APC and the NNPP.

“The APC’s commitment to justice, fairness, and transparency in the electoral process must be resolute, and the APC Governors’ Forum should lead by example.

“ APC Governors’ Forum must rise to the occasion and rally around Dr. Nasiru Gawuna in the final stages of this legal battle. The party’s unity and the preservation of democratic values are at stake, and the forum’s active participation will not only boost the morale of its members but also send a strong message about the APC’s commitment to upholding the rule of law.

“Now is the time for the  governors forum to break its silence and stand firmly in support of its candidate and the principles that define’s the APC.” Seyi stated.


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