Kano: Mixed reactions trails Gov Ganduje’s renaming of Jaba Village to New Enugu City

Mixed reactions trails Gov Ganduje’s creation of  New Enugu City in Kano

Our reporters

Kano state governor, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje’s  renaming of Jabba town  as New Enugu City in Kano has continued to  generate mix reactions amongst non indigenous  residents  in the state.

Jabba Town popularly referred to as small London or New Sabon Township is a settlement  located on the  enroute to Panisau village in  Ungoogo local government

Our correspondents who went round town to gather  the opinion of  Jabba residents  on the official pronouncement made by the governor reports that different opinions trails the  creation of New Enugu City in Kano.

Governor Ganduje at the inauguration of the leadership of Ibo Community Association, ICA last Sunday at Ibo house, Church road in Sabon Gari, is interpreted to be  in a bid to further  assure the ICA that they were home away from home, thus incited the governor to announce the renaming of Jabba  town, as  New Enugu city.

A spare part dealer residing in Jabba, Odinachi Izu reacting said the chief executive of the state has made a pronouncement and it remains so “ our governor Ganduje is the governor of Kano, wether you like it or not, he has said it and it shall remain so.

“before the governor decide to name Jabba as now New Enugu city he must have consulted with so many people , before doing so, for me it is good, it shows at least that, we have a home in Kano.

Also reacting, renown food vendor, Madam Rice, said the decision of the governor would further deepened   the division amongst the Ibo’s residing in the state.

She said, the leadership crisis among Kano Ibo’s which has been a subject of several litigations is dwelled on state affiliations with Enugu featuring in the  fore of the crisis.

“we all know the history of the Ibo crisis in Kano, naming Jabba after Enugu will only help to worsen the situation, if you know what I mean, those who  are familiar with the crisis will understand  what I meant. May be Ibo city will have been better.

There are those who aired  the opinion that the governor should have invested more energy towards developing  government presence in Sabon Gari and Jabba which are predominantly inhabited by non indigenes.

A community  leader who spoke under the condition of anonymity said “when governor  Ganduje constructed  Court road, we all celebrated, that should have made the non indigenes to change their attitude towards getting involved in the electoral process.

“we don’t like to vote, on election days, the people of Sabon gari and Jabba prefer to go and play football, you see them gather in front of their houses drinking and merrying.

“if we want to have a voice we must get involve in the process, now the CVR by INEC is going on, how may residents of Sabon Gari and Jabba do you see trying to prepare to get ready to vote.

“your vote is your power, if we want to have a say on how our fate is determined , we  need to wake up and get involved  in the electoral process, if not, we will never be taken seriously and will have to live with anyhow we are treated.”

Emeka a resident of Jabba , an indigene of Anambra state,  stated that the name New Enugu City is not the issue, adding that the governor know better the benefits by his decision.

He  queried , if Enugu indigenes are the only people from the South who are resident in  Jabba and doing business in Kano

He decried the poor road network and near absence of  government erected  social infrastructures in Jabba town.

He said “what we need in Jabba is good roads, only one single road leads you  in and out of Jabba, there is no amenities for the residents to enjoy, if I can advise I would have advised his excellency to provide facilities for us.

“also, I will advise the governor to meet with the people of Jabba to see how they can jointly also improve on some of the things needed, like  central market, adequate security, health facilities, good water for domestic use.”


Other tribes  residing in Jabba Town  have frowned at the  pronouncement credited to the state governor, arguing that Jabba town is a mixed settlement occupied by indigenes from all part of Nigeria, including  the host Hausa Fulani  citizens.


Olu Muyiwa  a resident of Jabba town, said “I can not challenge the governor, but what I have to say is that, we have so many other tribes living here in Jabba and they are landlords too.

“we have many people from other states, if they name it New Sabon Gari will have been more better for us all, some people now will begin to claim have more  power over others.”








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