Tue. Sep 17th, 2019


-Sir. Kuli Kuli.

-Even if we pretend to be proud of this country, it must be for the past glory of the sacrificed ‘day-before-yesterday’ by our fathers and their fathers that gave us a proud ‘yesterday’, not the unpatriotic acts of our people in the early hours of  ‘today’ that is giving us a shameful, disgusting and reckless ‘today’, with the assurance of a futureless and a hopeless ‘tomorrow’.
-No matter how patriotic you are, some laws, displays, people and institutions of Nigeria will try to make you bend to either becoming unpatriotic or behaving in ways you must fit-in to the way they want, no matter how powerless and incorruptible you may be, the  corrupt and the powerfull will openly manipulate, subjugate, threaten and possibly destroy you without any legal, formal and institutionalized body to stand, speak or act for justice in your favor.
-Years back as children, we used to be proud of Nigeria, of the workaholic police forces, the ever gallant military personnel, the effective local government authorities, instant-justice courts, workable family institutions, sound public education, respected royal influence,  agricultural extention officers,  equiped hospitals, environmental,  hygiene & sanitation officers etc. Today, it is an entirely different stories.
-Nowadays, the most influential & generally respected force in Nigeria is POLITICS. Everyone and everything is now under the control of politicians, both the literates and their ‘opportune-ignorant ones’. Imagine that even justice, security and human lives that used to be the most  sacrosanct issues are now politicized without fear or shame.
-Don’t we see how every one want to be a politician or to be close to a politician?. Campaign on Economy, Security, Agriculture, Power, Anti-corruption etc have nothing worthy of pride, except in political language. *The youths that used to be the only strength of Nigeria are now the most questionable threat that connive with politicians, to perpetrate and accomplish every kind of goals.
-What is it of today that should make us proud?, is it our political attitudes or social character?, Is it the way we handle religion or the excercise of our traditional cultures? Is it the attitudes of those in power or the policies of the government?, is it the legislative spellings in the constitution or the interpretation by lawyers and the adjudication of our courts?, do we blame the government or ourselves?, are we working for a better tomorrow or struggling for the survival of today?, tell us one aspect of our lives that should make us proud in Nigeria today?.
-I still wonder WHAT IS LEFT FOR US TO BE PROUD OF IN NIGERIA?, even the long tradition of Unity and boarding schools that accomodates both the children of the unscruplously rich and the scrupulously poor is  now a long forgotten history. Public schools and hospitals are now “only for the poor” where private schools and hospitals are strictly  “only for the rich” to show the world how collapsed, doomed and widely divided our system have become.
-We all love our country and hope to have reasons to be proud of our dear nation, but we are insisting that nothing is working for the interest of the powerless majority; so much that we are left with no much hope to be proud of anything. Imagine a country where over 85% of the citizens cannot confidently commend the justice system, public education, security assurance, power supply,  medical and health sector etc.
-How can we be proud of a country where crimes are not treated as crimes especially if committed by powerful men, with a collapsing currency value and a rising dollar rate everyday, we have petroleum and natural resources yet fuel pump price continue to rise like a price of gold, electoral process is increasingly violent, billionaires  continue to accumulate billions even when their neighborhood continue to languish in hunger, malnutrition and abject poverty.
-These and many more explains why our precious brothers and sisters prefer illegal migration even to war stricken libya, syria and yemen through boats, ships, canoe and even trekking through millions kilometers. Millions of Nigerians prefer to be slaves or prisoners abroad than to be in Nigeria, atleast in abroad they are safe from unexplainable killings and unreasonable starvation.
-Our most cherished politicians mostly turn out to be the worst, appointed ministers act against the people, where Governors only act to enrich themselves, the legislators mostly care on laws that favor them, the judges are after who is more powerful with gains, the law enforcement agencies and anticorruption agencies only fight the opposition etc.
-No crime is so heavy to our ruling class, financial crimes are general part of our governance, administrative crimes are like a common culture, embezzlement, mismanagement and reckless favoratism have become so open that no agency or authority can dare stop.
-Any Nigerian can argue and is free to have a different opinion, but the reality never change, gradually we can come to agree that all the politicians and policy makers are just like the ordinary people, same perception, same orientation, same everything, as such we must stop complaining and face our problems by ourselves, to change ourselves and be the type that we want our leaders to be.
-May we have reasons to be proud of our country or even make our children proud, just like how our fathers and their fathers made us.  May GOD forgive us for the sins of yesterday, today and if there’s any proposed ones for tomorrow.
-Zaid Ayuba Alhaji (Sir. Kuli Kuli). 08069835881  comradezaid6@gmai.com
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